• Technological transformation and modernization
    We received a government grant that contributes economic development and strengthens competition of domestic entrepreneurs on global markets and used it to purchase a new generation CNC stamping machine. This move is just a part of our tecnnological transformation and modernization. High productivity, low energy consumption and low CO2 emission synergizes principles of sustainable development, fulfilles eco standards and indulges our green policy.
  • International management standards
    We are proud to announce that we have achieved four most important international management standards: Quality management (ISO 9001), environment management (ISO 14001), health protection and security management (OHSAS 18001), system of food security management (ISO 22000). These standards are proof that we have achieved high level of quality, environment protection, health and safety, which confirms that we are improving continually production quality and quality of products.
  • Day of City Ludbreg - March 19th, 2015
    We are proud and happy for receiving the "Plaketa Grada Ludbrega" reward as recognition for good long-term partnership with the city of Ludbreg. We accept it as motivation to be even better and more determined to reach our goals. We are curtain that this positive cooperation will continue in the future, with mutual benefits. Thank you City of Ludbreg,
    Employees of Oprema Uredaji d.d.
  • UNICEF "unite for children"
    We are proud to state that we are participating in the UNICEF "unite for children" programme.
  • BRAU 2014 - Nürnberg
    This year's BRAU has just ended and we are already looking forward to next year's one! We showed you our new concepts and ideas, our vision and direction... We will continue in the future. Stay tuned for more!
  • Commissioning of the machine for tube bending
    The dynamic market forces us to always stay a step ahead of the competition. Our Research and Development department, the thermodynamic laboratory, constant modification and modernization of the production programs and facilities, investment in new markets and new products... All this is part of our everyday business.
Understanding and embracing
"The Green Movement" not just as a trend, our company made a commitment and with this in mind, it lead us to support this worthy cause.
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