• Commissioning of the machine for tube bending
    The dynamic market forces us to always stay a step ahead of the competition. Our Research and Development department, the thermodynamic laboratory, constant modification and modernization of the production programs and facilities, investment in new markets and new products... All this is part of our everyday business.
  • Dubai Drink Technology Expo 2013
    We would like to thank all our visitors for participation on a great and constructive fair. We would also like to thank the organizers who have done an excellent job.
  • DRINKTEC 2013 - München
    This year, once again, we participated at the "Drinktec" fair. Thanks to all visitors for giving us a opportunity to present news from our production program. We are looking forward to our prospective future cooperation.
  • Croatia is a member of the European Union
    We are proud to say that Croatia is from July 1st a member of the European Union! This is a big change which will reflect on our work because business will now become even better and faster between Oprema and our European and global partners.
  • 22nd Beer International Forum in Sochi
    Our company presented it's products on the 22nd Beer International Forum in Sochi. We thank all our guests for their visit and shown interest, and we have returned home happy.
  • Team building
    At the end of a successful business year we organized creative spending time for our technical and commercial departments. Gathering many ideas in one place, new values can be created. Improvement in communication makes a team stronger. We thank our host "Vinski podrum Makar" for well organized time.
Understanding and embracing "The Green Movement" not just as a trend, our company made a commitment and with this in mind, it lead us to support this worthy cause.
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